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Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousness

HR Meets Technology

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Week 22/Mar Top Articles

  • How many of your managers are equipped to take the journey to new ways of working? Read it here
  • The top 20 thought leaders in Human Resources, Find it out here
  • Nothing matches the power of an #AppreciativeInquiry Summit for positive, disuptive #innovation, Read the article here
  • Why the Winners in Business Are Taking the Time to Build a Positive & Kind Social Culture, Read it here
  • Getting to “Yes” for Corporate Innovation, Read it here

Week 9/Mar Top Articles

  • The #bullying manager focuses on #teammember weaknesses, the #kind leader extends aligns strengths; Watch youtube video here
  • How to build partnerships & collaborative networking thru positive culture? #Futureofwork, Read it here
  • Positive Social Culture Co-Designed by Social Collaborative Code #FoW, Read it here
  • Fastest Freight a Story of Positive #Engagement by elevating & extending strengthsÂ, Read it here
  • 11 Key Insights on Future of Work from @JeremyScrivens, Find it out here

Week 1/Mar Top Articles

  • Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0, read it here
  • The future of work and organisations from @rossdawson, read slides here
  • People aren’t resources! If you don’t want us to finish projects, let’s decide which projects not to do. read it here

Week 22/Feb Top Articles for HR and Leadership

  • Empowering self-organising teams with self-selection, read it here
  • Big data trend now being applied to managing human resources – Yahoo News Canada, read it here
  • Large Scale Self Organization, read it here
  • The Feel Good Principle: How Hormones, Habits, and Behavior Affect Storytelling, read it here
  • Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0, read it here

Week 15/Feb Top Articles

Solve Retention Puzzle, part 6

Another great article from Jim Schreier, read the article here or read more from him at here

Transforming EDU CES Mobile Learning Panel Video

Mike Guerena participated in a panel discussion at CES 2015 on Mobile Learning at the Transforming EDU event. In addition to Mike the following also participated.

Moderator: John Ittelson, Professor, CSU Monterey Bay
Panelists: Kristin Townsend, National Program Director, Education, Verizon Foundation
Dr. Devin Vodicka, Superintendent, Vista Unified School District
Brian OliverSmith, CEO and Co-Founder, Urban Planet Mobile

Watch the video here.

The 7 Attributes of CEOs who get social media

SoMe CEO becomes high demands come from deep desire to understand customer and promote brand. Read this Harvard Business Review article for more attributes.

Why you will fail to have a great career

A great and tell you a brutal truth about why people failed their passion and career. It is one of best TED talk you an watch. Watch the TED talk here.



Week 8/Feb Top 5 Articles for Leadership and Personal Branding

Infographic shows us difference in leading extrovert and introvert

How to leader introvert and extravert

Introvert vs extravert, how to lead them

Top 3 Learnings about Women in IT

As gender gap in IT industry becomes more known problem, Agile Coaching group in Melbourne get together and talks about the issue. There are many insights that I have gain. The article summarizes three top learnings in the meetup. Read the article from here

8 Distinct Habits of Remarkable Leaders

Jeff Haden is one of my most respected influencer about leadership. This is one of excellent article from him again. Read the article and build your habits now.

12 Things That Successful Leaders Never Tolerate

To attain a successful life and meaningful leadership, we must refuse to tolerate the things that deplete, and ultimately destroy, us. Read the inspiring article from Lolly Daskal

8 Ways to better market yourself on LinkedIn

In today’s world, LinkedIn has becomes most of important part of your personal branding and one of most important channel prompting yourself. The tips in article are very helpful and practical, click and read it now.