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Week 9/Mar Top 5

  • it’s critical startups stay lean so they can move fast; faster than big companies… solid post by @sgblank, read it here
  • Inspiring video on the next generation approach to business improvement #Strengths Based #Lean #SixSigma, Watch it here
  • DevOps is natural evolution of Agile development , Read it here
  • Ist Gen #Lean focused on the ‘what’ & ‘how’ of business: 2nd Gen Lean focuses on ‘why’, Watch it here
  • AgiloPedia: The Role of the Functional Managers in Agile, Read it here

Week 1/Mar Lean Agile Article/Videos/Podcasts

  • David Pogue: Simplicity sells, watch ted video here
  • How much of the user’s experience have you decided to take responsibility for? read article here
  • Podcast #216 Dan Jones, Lean Outside of Manufacturing, listen here
  • People aren’t resources! If you don’t want us to finish projects, let’s decide which projects not to do. Read it here

Week 22/Feb Lean Articles

  • Empowering self-organising teams with self-selection, read it here
  • Team self-selection kit, get it here
  • Lean Thinking Applied for Organizational Change, A3 Thinking or Popcorn flow, read it here
  • Large Scale Self Organization, read it here
  • How design thinking transformed Airbnb from failing startup to billion-dollar business, read it here

Week 15/Feb Top Agile Lean Articles

Extending value stream mapping through waste definition beyond customer perspective

The primary contribution is that they are extending the definition of waste to fit in the software intensive product development context.

Read your the article here.

Lean Principle 4 – “Defer Commitment”

An article is worth reading if you believe agile software is all about quick turnaround.

Read the full article here.

Stop telling your employee what to do

Stop telling your employee what to do, read the Harvard Business Review article here.

How Tom Chi prototyped Google Glass

Learn how google prototype and build google glasses from this video.


Week 8/Feb Top 5 Agile Lean Articles

Sociology, Not technology

Sociology, Not technology

Sociology, not Technology

The Social Age sees us connecting, sharing, working and leading in online spaces. But it’s a mistake to think that the real change is in the technology. It’s not: it’s about the sociology. When you build distributed agile team, always remember social and collaboration first.

Read the great article from Julian Stodd here;

9 Agile Retrospective Anti-Patterns

Here Luis Goncalves explain several Agile AntiPatterns that many companies face and struggle with. In this specific post Luis Goncalves is tackling Agile Retrospectives AntiPatterns.

Read the article here

Top 3 Learnings about Women in IT

As gender gap in IT industry becomes more known problem, Agile Coaching group in Melbourne get together and talks about the issue. There are many insights that I have gain. The article summarizes three top learnings in the meetup.

Read the article from here

Enabler of Data Agility

How much time does it take between collecting data and taking meaningful action? Is that in 1 min, 10 mins, or 1 hour or 1 month? The article give you some technical insight about how to achieve real time analytics.

Click here to read.

How speed can give you a competitive advantage in analytics

Though the use of big data remains a huge challenge for many businesses, those with more advanced capabilities are beginning to shift the emphasis from volume of data to speed of analytics.

Read the article here