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As KareerTracker Master, you will enjoy following features:

  1. Backup of learning activities into KareerTracker learning cloud
  2. Certification for your achievement since your starting using our free KareerTracker app (more about certification can be viewed at: more about certifications and belts)
  3. Share your passion and achievement across network, esp LinkedIn

And it is from $99/year. Subscribe now, you will have them free for 3 months.

KareerTracker Certifications and Belts

We can issue certifications for your spent on learning and practicing on certain skills using KareerTracker mobile app; We have following certifications to be issued for certain skills

  • Light Red Belt – 10 hours
  • Red Belt – 100 hours
  • Orange Belt – 200 hours
  • Yellow Belt – 500 hours
  • Green Belt –  800 hours
  • Dark Green Belt – 1,000 Hours
  • Blue Belt – 2,000 hours
  • Purple Belt – 4,000 hours
  • Brown Belt – 6,000 hours
  • Dark Grey Belt – 8,000 hours
  • Black Belt – 10,000 hours

Highly flexible social sharing function will let you show your passion and dedication online including LinkedIn. You can look at the profile as an example: http://au.linkedin.com/in/charliechengkt and look at certification section. Or if you want to look at how certification looks like, please visit one of my certifications.

Start plan and improve your skills with our mobile app, and get your certification now by contacting us